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Ok, my story... Where to start...
I suppose my photography journey began (on a professional level) on March 15th 2012 - The day I had my first little girl Lola. My husband gave me the green light to follow my dream and try to make a career for myself doing something I loved - I am very blessed and lucky to have the support of my family - My husband is my rock (and my biggest critic!!).
My First name is Mummy and I wouldn't have it any other way!
My two girls were the driving force behind my passion and I always swore that I would do this for all the mummies out there - I know how hard it is to get by on maternity pay and I have, for this reason, always kept my prices fair and the business has NO HIDDEN COST. LollySnaps is named after the girls - 'Lolly' being Lola and 'Snaps' being Giorgia (our Ginger snap!!)
I recently became a mummy to a gorgeous little pudding named Archie, he truly is the cherry on top of our beautiful family and my hubby now has a little bit of back up... Even if my pudding is a mummy boy!
I won't go on with boring text about how my family is so perfect... Lets face it, no family is perfect and being a mum is hard work - Whether you are a stay at home mummy or a working mummy - its amazing, yes, but its hard!
Your child may run head first at my lights, your child may poo on me, they may run into the background and fall into it, your child may wee on a very expensive looking blanket - Guess what, My children have fallen right through a pink background writing it off 25 minutes before a photoshoot - they have used a £25 baby wrap to dress up their pony and then given it a bubble bath - They have sat inside a baby basket together (the two big ones) and burst out of it meaning it was a write off! Kids are kids, Come and enjoy your experience - its supposed to be fun. I am relaxed so you should be relaxed - You are only allowed to panic if I am panicking! Deal?


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